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Elpida is Hope!

We are an innovative virtual Diabetic healthcare clinic

How Elpida was born

"My family and I went through a great deal of shock 26 years ago when our 11 years old son was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. As a father, it was truly painful to see him going through this transition in his life with the lack of information available to us. Not knowing that his condition is safe and regulated due to the limited availability of the internet, let alone any other form of technology out there today, had caused us a great deal of worry.
Which leads us to where we are today, based on my 40 years expertise within IT and technology, my ultimate aim is to bring improved healthcare services to all types of Diabetics to ensure we eliminate the worry we had experienced as a family. 26 years down the line, we decided - Elpida was born.

Elpida is the Greek word for 'hope.' Welcome to the Elpida family and our community of hope."

- Yosef Yekta, Founder

Our Mission

To support Diabetics, no matter where you are in the world, no matter your financial status, no matter your Diabetic type. Elpida's aim is to do that through an all-in-one solution combining education, technology and daily support.

Our Vision

Building a world class turnkey solution by engaging the latest technologies and collaborating with only socially responsible corporations, strategic partners to deliver you the best of healthcare services.

Our Values



We provide you with healthcare services of exceptionally reliable standards making sure of continouos well being for you and your family.



Elpida dramatically reduces the cost of treatments to cover the greatest portion of every market we enter, making healthcare accessible.



With today's technology we have no limitations on how accessible our healthcare services are, allowing us to expand further globally.

Our Milestones

Every problem is an opportunity, the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity

Our Hope Challenged

CEO: “Our son was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 at the age of 11yo, and his life changed drastically with constant uncertainties and continuous worries.”


Creation of Elpida

A global solution for all diabetes management was inevitable, Elpida needed to be born, to change lifestyle and give hope to families.


Crafting the Business

Business Development and Marketing team started to shape up. More believers started joining us as ventures. - the plan was ready.


The Journey Begins

Elpida will launch, to stand for Hope, with continuous research and development for enhanced Diabetic healthcare.


Worry vs Hope

CEO: “I started years of desperate research and study about Diabetes, asking questions from healthcare providers and discussing with other diabetics.”


Hope with Tech

Technology became a must. State-of-the-art AI-based Smart Analysis and Assistance, Healthcare Robotics and IoT, initiated investigation and development.


The Turning Point

Further research and planning met the final touchpoint, putting us in a position to offer an all-in-one Turn-Key Solution to all Diabetics worldwide.


Global Hope

Elpida will expand, scale up into all healthcare areas at a larger globalised scale.


Our Partners