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What is a Virtual Clinic?

In the last articles, we talked about the concept of telehealth and telemedicine and the difference between them. Now we are going to talk about virtual clinic, where telehealth takes place. Virtual clinics created to present online clinical services in the purpose of advising and consultation. You may ask what is the virtual clinic, how does it work and what are the most famous virtual clinics all around the world?

In this article, we are going to answer All of the questions above. First of all, you should gain basic information about virtual clinic and definition, then we will talk about the details.

Definition of Virtual Clinic or VC

A virtual clinic or shortly VC is a computerized environment created by health care specialists in the purpose of providing clinical services include advising, consultation, diagnosis or giving prescriptions. It may refer to video and voice calls or video conferencing. VC provides a face to face and trustworthy connection between patient and health care provider to aim better health care services.

All communications between patient and doctor are audible, all texts such as prescriptions are documentary to retain in patients’ profile. The connection had created to deliver health care services, not administrative goals. Face to face contact between patient and doctor usually accord by video call but the in-person visit should make if it's necessary.

Purpose of Virtual Clinic

All services above are managed by professional health care specialist to provide easy access services for all patients who need regular monitoring or consultations. Fewer hospital meetings, reduction of costing and wasting time are the results of virtual clinic services.

How does Virtual Clinic work?

All clients who diagnosis with a disease can create a profile on one of the virtual clinics to get services and use benefits. They create a profile, mention their health situation and disease, then a health care provider receives the patient's data to analyze or ask for more information. For example, a diabetic patient mentions his or her basic information and then type of diabetes, blood sugar, and blood pressure, then the doctor can ask him or her for latest treatment plans or doze of the medicine.

After receiving medical information, the doctor plans the treatment program, diagnosis and gives prescriptions. He or she may check some data daily or weekly, call the patient on predefined times to give advice. In this situation, technology helps to collect data. For example, an application can record blood pressure and blood sugar data after measuring, then send it to the doctor to analyze. All data will document for treatment plans and diagnosis.

Virtual Clinic Benefits

Why you should trust an online clinic instead of a real one? The answer refers to virtual clinics' benefits compare to real clinics. Now we discuss VC benefits to answer the question above. Here is the top advantage of VC:

Reduce costs

Virtual clinic services are more economical in comparison to real clinics, some services are free like Vsee free platforms.

Save time

Any online service had created to save time and VC follows the same rules. Reducing urban trips, traffic time and waiting time are in the results of online clinic services.

Easy access

Any telehealth platform presents reliable accessibility to patients in rural or senior areas. It means that everyone can have access to professional specialist disregard their living location.

As you read, virtual clinic is the opportunity to make the telehealth come true. It provides a trustworthy environment for both sides, the patient and the doctor. Daily checkups, online consulting and advising, regular video calls, diagnosis and giving prescription are VC’s main services. As virtual clinics are economical and available for everyone, they are growing so fast. Every patient with any disease can benefit virtual clinic for regular monitoring and checkup. You can ask us for more information about online telehealth services on our social media or weblog. We will talk more about these services in our future articles, stay tuned with us.

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