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You can find plenty of information if you go back to our latest article. We talked about EHealth, telehealth, telemedicine and virtual clinics. Now we are going to introduce a subset of telehealth which called mHealth or Mobile health. Mobile health or mHealth includes every telehealth services that take place through mobile or tablet devices. mHealth is already being used to control and monitor a variety of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, autism, insomnia and asthma.

The Definition of mHealth

Simply, using any wireless device such as mobiles or tablets to apply telehealth services consider as mHealth. Any wearable and wireless gadget can help telehealth to provide mHealth such as smartwatches like watches which can receive or record health conditions.

MHealth benefits

Nowadays, most of the people got smartphones so mHealth can help them to control their healthcare condition, monitor patients and recording their health situations.

mHealth is more important in rural areas where doctors and nurses may not be present to provide treatment.

This new concept can provide reliable health care conditions for everyone regardless of their living area. All it needs are a smartphone and internet connection

Data documentary is another nice aspect of mHealth, everyone can save their health information such as blood sugar or blood pressure on mobile phones. Collecting these data gives a real conception of country or area health situation.

Difference between mHelath and telehealth

Telehealth refers to the whole modern technologies that use to provide health care facilities and clinical consultation, but mHealth means applying these services through wireless devices.

In conclusion, we can say that mHealth is the act of providing telehealth by using mobile devices. Think of mHealth, then, as user-directed health technology that divides into the categories of sports, fitness, and wellbeing.

How does mHealth work?

Mobile applications along with smart sensors measure and record patients' data, then send it to doctor or nurse. Mhealth can give real data about the patient's disease situation, also monitor and control them. Daily checkup and monitoring are the most important services that provide by mHealth.

As you read, mHelath is another different form of telehealth that using smart devices to monitor patients. We can categorize it as a subset of telehealth such as telemedicine. Mobile phones, tablets and smart wearable gadgets can provide mHealth technology for people in rural and senior areas. More new technologies provide a better situation for the patient in any living location. we will talk about these technologies in future articles, stay tuned with us. If you have more questions ask us on social media.

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