1. Can I use Elpida for free?

As soon as you download the app or register on the website you will have access to all of our free services like the simulated diagnosis and a wide range of educational resources.

2. How long do I need to wait to talk to a doctor?

At Elpida, you can choose a time that is most convenient for you. Our doctors are available 24/7 and you can get an appointment right away.

3. What conditions do you treat?

Currently, Elpida is dedicated to diabetes. Our specialists treat all types of diabetes including type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes and prediabetes. Later in 2021, we will be expanding Elpida’s services provided to you and your loved ones.

4. How can I start my treatment?

Just open the app and log in. Elpida will take care of the rest, and leads you through time and doctor selection for the appointment.

5. I already know what condition. Can Elpida still help me?

Complete your medical data and history in your profile with the information you already have. And the health provider tells you about the treatment.

6. My 5-years-old daughter has type 1 diabetes, can she use Elpida?

Absolutely she can. Elpida offers its services to your family through yourself. You can use your own account for your lovely little children or your aged parents. Simply add your sweetie as one of your Family Members on Elpida.


1. Can I cancel an appointment?

Yes, you can cancel any time up to 48 hours prior to the appointment with a full refund, or later, with only 20% cancellation charge.

2. Can I get a same-day appointment?

Yes, Elpida provides a 24/7 healthcare service. Elpida team-up with more than 100 specialist doctors and healthcare professionals, so you can freely book the earliest appointment available for the current day.

3. What if I need help overnight or on holidays?

We are here for you 24/7. Feel free to talk to our doctors anytime from anywhere you are, for urgent conditions or out-of-hours consultations.

4. I want to book an appointment with a special doctor, what can I do?

Simply check the doctor’s free times on their profile and select a time to book an appointment. 

Payments and Plans

1. How can I pay?

Elpida presents a wide variety of payment methods, you can pay via PayPal, set up a Direct Debit, or pay directly by your credit/debit card

2. How does my insurance company pay the costs?

You can select your insurance company from our list, or add it manually if your company is not on our list, and leave the rest to Elpida.

3. How does my employer pay the costs?

Upload your company reference letter into your profile at Elpida, and we will take care of the rest with your employer.

4. Is my credit card information secure?

We respect your privacy. Your credit card information together with your medical information is kept safe under GDPR regulation and will not be shared with anyone outside the organisation, or without your consent.

5. Why do I have to pay to talk to a health provider through Elpida?

Elpida is fully regulated by the CQC and provides accessible and cost-effective healthcare services for everyone regardless of their income or location.

6. Can I cancel my plan any time I want?

You can indeed cancel your plan on Elpida at any time you wish and receive your refund properly based on the cancellation charges.

Elpida App

1. Where can I get the Elpida app?

Elpida mobile app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. You can also use the web app version on your PC/laptop.

2. How can I see my results and prescriptions?

You will have full access to all your data, results, chats and personal information as soon as you register or login on Elpida app or website, like follow-up consultation notification by your doctor to book an appointment.

3. Is my device compatible with the app?

We provide you with our easy-to-use wearable IoT device. Our app also supports a wide variety of CGM devices listed for you. 

4. What if my doctor does not call me?

Rarely, you may experience some technical communication issues or your doctor may be faced with an emergency situation. Our support team will help you and your appointment will be replaced later.

5. How can I chat with my doctor?

Search their name and start messaging, and follow up on the conversation via the Message section in your Elpida’s profile.

Security and Data

1. Who can see my medical data?

Your medical data is secured with Elpida under GDPR, which is accessed by relevant doctors and health providers for the sole purpose of your medical treatment. Your prescription will also be shared with online pharmacies upon your consent.

2. What happens to my data and information when I delete my account?

As soon as you delete your account, all your medical data and your personal information stored on our database will be deleted.

3. What if I forget my password?

You can easily recover your password via ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login page. Simply enter your registered email address and follow the instructions. 

4. Does Elpida have access to my camera or microphone?

Elpida respects the patient’s privacy in all senses and does not act without your clear direct consent.

5. What if I lost my phone or it is stolen?

Elpida stores all your information securely and encrypted on fully reliable cloud servers, not your phone device. Keep your Elpida password confidential and don’t share it with anyone to protect your data.

6. I read that some medical apps compromise users' data. Do you do this?

Our Health’s mission is to make healthcare more personalized and more accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we have always ensured data security and data privacy is a fundamental part of our business and services.

We take data privacy and security extremely seriously and we treat all information shared with us with the highest care. We comply with the world’s strictest data protection laws, policies, and regulations including (but not limited to) GDPR in the EEA and UK. We never share users’ individual information with any third party without each user’s explicit consent. No personal or medical data has been sold to third parties or shared for any commercial purpose.

7. What is the GDPR?

The 'GDPR' stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It means data collected by companies based in the European Economic Area will be subject to new data protection regulations from 25 May 2018. The GDPR introduces changes to the way we manage your personal information as well as giving you more choice about your privacy preferences.

Using Elpida

1. How can I add my blood glucose level to Elpida?

Our IoT device will do it for you automatically. Alternatively, you can add your information to your profile measurements manually.

2. Can I delete my medical records on Elpida?

Your medical record plays the main role in your treatment. It is stored confidential and encrypted on Elpida’s database. You can only edit your last medical record.

3. What languages do Elpida health providers speak?

Our doctor community has members from all around the world, so Elpida speaks your language for the treatment you need.

4. How can I change my doctor?

Set an appointment at any time with any doctor you like by simply considering the doctor’s free times and speciality.

5. Do you automatically send my prescription to the pharmacy?

Elpida offers you a Turn-Key Solution, including automatic online pharmacy progress, and you can change the pharmacy at any time. Simply add the pharmacy to your list and let Elpida do the rest.

6. How can I delete my family member profile?

Go to the 'Family Member' section of Elpid's menu, open the family profile you'd like to remove and you'll see a 'Delete this Profile' button. Easy!

7. How do I delete my account?

You can find the delete account button inside the Account Settings' section of the main menu. Deleting your account erases all of your personal data from our servers permanently.