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Why Elpida

We are your dose of hope all over the world

Life at ease
with Diabetes

Diabetes management and care are mostly affected by your lifestyle. Elpida educates you on diabetes prevention and self-management which in return saves you energy, time and money.   
The total estimated time needed daily for recommended diabetes self-care is 4 hours for adults and 5 hours for children. Most of your treatments depend on yourself rather than healthcare providers.

We help you build a new relationship with your diabetes. Our diabetes management academy helps you enhance your lifestyle and improve your self-management. Let us maintain hope and harmony together.



Constant Measuring

Scheduled Visits

24/7 Support

Real-time Data

Community of Hope

Affordable Services

Visual Reports


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Smart Devices
Real-time Data Analysis
Video Conferencing
Machine Learning (AI Data)
Nutritional Tracking
Exercise Tracking
24/7 Support Services
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Smart Services

Real-time Records

You don’t need to transfer anything, anywhere. Just let Elpida measure and monitor your blood sugar and watch your visual reports in real-time.

Smart Health Technology

We use a diverse range of technologies like AI-based robots and IoT smart devices to continuously monitor and notify you where needed.

Daily Diabetes Management

We bring hope by helping you understand and practice self-management as the cornerstone of your healthy life.

Community of Hope

You will be a part of a global family where you are able to share one-another's experiences and advise to bring a feeling of support wherever you are with Elpida.

Your Personlaised Healthcare

Through our AI data gathering technology we constantly analyse your data to ensure we provide you with the best healthcare experience to save you time and give you the support you need on the go.

Virtual Medical Assistant

Your own assistant which takes care of you, - answers your questions and allows you to book your appointments. It gives you reports and test results, and even does the follow-ups for you.


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